mDesign™ Platform

Drug discovery with the power of multiplexing

Manifold Bio is redefining drug discovery with protein multiplexing. Using our proprietary protein barcodes, mCodes™, our platform enables simultaneously characterizing hundreds-to-thousands of drug candidates in the context that matters most, inside living organisms. Screening at scale in vivo unlocks precision drug engineering, leading to better treatments for patients and positive impact on global health.

Our Engineering Philosophy

Accelerating Drug Design with High-Throughput Screening In Vivo

Drug pharmacokinetics (PK), specifically stability and biodistribution, are key indicators of drug efficacy and safety. Traditionally, testing these properties is limited to only a few drug candidates towards the end of a drug discovery pipeline, given the challenge of scaling preclinical animal studies.

At Manifold Bio, we are able to test many drug designs simultaneously in a limited number of animal models as a core early step in the design process. Measured properties such as molecule half-life and rates of tumor and healthy tissue accumulation guide our engineering to optimize drug performance.

How it Works

mCodes™ Protein Barcoding

To enable multiplexed drug tracking, Manifold Bio invented a first-of-its-kind technology called protein barcoding, or mCodes™, that allows for unique tracking and quantitation of any protein or library of proteins of interest (POI). mCodes can be genetically encoded with a POI, easily expressed, and are stable and inert in vivo. Through our proprietary mQuant™ assay, mCode peptides are transformed into DNA sequences, read out by next-generation DNA sequencing, and decoded to absolute protein levels.

Protein multiplexing via DNA sequencing

Proprietary Manifold Technology converts protein to DNA
Next-generation DNA Sequencing enables counting

mDesign™: Early In Vivo Testing Informs Drug Design

mDesign accelerates the drug discovery process by collecting rich biodistribution data in vivo for hundreds of molecules early in the design cycle. Combining high-throughput in vitro and in vivo data, Manifold Bio can rapidly engineer complex biologics to eliminate poor characteristics and seek optimal protein therapeutic designs with improved likelihood of success in development and translation to clinical trials.

Harnessing Machine Learning at Every Step

Everything from the design of oligopool-encoded naïve binder libraries to studying our unique rich multiplex data requires a variety of cutting edge ML and statistical approaches. Our data-driven approach to drug design gives researchers and partners a unique edge in engineering more effective treatments.

Versatility across therapeutic areas

Manifold Bio's groundbreaking platform is designed to adapt to a wide range of drug discovery projects, tackling complex challenges across indications where targeting is a key challenge, including oncology, neuroscience, and rare disease. Our modular components and targeted effectors drive success in various therapeutic areas and revolutionize the drug development process.

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